Monday, May 16, 2011

Winter Kill

It's the scourge of local golf courses this year; a turf condition where stress from winter conditions completely kills the grass. We've heard it ripple throughout the region that a course over there lost 12 greens or a course up there lost 9 greens. And it didn't spare the high-end courses either with private clubs and $100+/round courses finding themselves forced to implement temporary greens.

The condition is due in part to ice buildup and exposure on greens during the winter, something we at Clifton Hollow GC were fortunate enough to avoid. Don Egeberg (course superintendent/co-owner) says, "Even with our winterizing process each Fall, there's a certain amount of luck in coming through the Winter clean."

This season a little luck can go a long way in being able to enjoy your round of golf. The greens at Clifton Hollow GC are again living up to our reputation as some of the best in the region. Stop out soon and see for yourself!